black and white

Black Money, White Money

120x70cm, reflection holograms, each 40x30cm and prints, Moscow, Russia, 2005

Theme: In today's Russia, social and economic progress has seen the establishment of two currencies; black money; illegally gained and undeclared to evade the tax system and to bring some form of balance to the imbalance of wages verses the escalating cost of living. And white money; that earned legally and which for the most part is inadequate to meet the rising costs of this progress. For the wealthy, who take advantage of the system and others, there is an abundance which seems to flow freely through their fingers. This dual economy is common place but no-one talks about; it is their national secret.

sergey and me

Dr. Sergey Vorobyov and me at his pulse laser studio at the State Historical Museum, Moscow where the masters were recorded. They were transfered to reflection holograms at his studio at the All Russian Exhibition Centre.

I'll never forget that look of excitement that we both shared after recording the master of the water falling through my fingers; only holographers know that look of joy (and relief); it's different from normal happiness, it's an almost hysterical happiness that a woman might recognise as being similar to how she might react when told that her bum isn't fat. So thank you Sergey. I really appreciated the friendly help and assistance provided by both he and his partner Dr. Sergey Zharkiy of They also made my RT hologram according to my specifications after sending them foam models of the alphabet letters.