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January, 2012, Gallery M, opening the exhibition of Margo Hanka, painter


David Warren

42 Cakebread Rd, Encounter Bay, South Australia 5211

mb: 0403205237






B.A. (Fine Arts) Photography, Cinematography , SACAE, South Australia


M.A. (Holography-Visual Arts) Flinders University, South Australia


Dip. Ed. (Visual Arts) Flinders University, South Australia


Employment, Residencies, Grants, Commissions


- Project Officer, S.A. Dept. of Technology

- Australia Council Arts grant, artist-in-residence at Australian National University, Physics Dept., Canberra;

commission to produce 30x20cm white light holograms for Prime Minister and Defence Minister

- Australia Council Arts grant to travel; Japan, Americas, UK


- Research fellow/artist-in-residence, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland; holographic research; Star Wars


- Artist-in-residence, Royal College of Art, London. UK


- Art, Design, Photography teacher; DECS South Australia


- Art and Design contract teacher, Sacred Heart College, Senior, Terms 2-4, SA


-Art, Photography, Design teacher, MacKillop Catholic College, ACT

-Art and Photography teacher, Canberra Girls' Grammar School, ACT


- 8th International Symposium on Display Holography attendance grant, Shenzhen, China

- artsACT grant, $12,875 for the production of 'Hololujah', 1 kilometre x 3.5cm hologram


- Contract Art teacher Christian Brothers College, Adelaide,T2, SA

- Contract Art teacher Walford Anglican School for Girls, T3/4, SA


- Senior Creative Arts teacher permanent fulltime, Walford Anglican School for Girls, SA


- retired early


Exhibitions, Concepts in situ

1984 'Interface', exhibition, Adelaide Festival of Arts; holograms and tv

1985 'Linear Exits', Master's degree exhibition, Adelaide, holograms and original electronic music

1986 'SA Light', exhibition, Adelaide Festival of Arts, 'Sanctuary' in-line white light achromnatic hologram, 150x100cm

1990 'Making Artworks' exhibition, Adelaide, rainbow holograms

1994 '36 Views of the Holographic Self', 2x12cm pulse holograms and envelopes, Tokyo, Japan

1995 'Uncertainty Principle' 20x30cm reflection holograms, Easter Island, Chile

1996 group exhibition, holograms, paintings Port Pirie regional Gallery, South Australia

1997 group exhibition, painting, Port Pirie regional Art Gallery

2003 'Liquid Patterns' exhibition, holograms and paintings, Gallery M, Marion Cultural Centre, South Australia

2004 'Depth', rainbow hologram, Leysin, Switzerland

2004 'Inside the Square', reflection hologram and digital print, Madrid, Spain

2005 Archibald Prize entrant, painting/DVD sequence, Prof. Paul Davies, astrophysicist and author

2006 'RT', exhibition, holograms, paintings, acrylic signs, Gallery M, Marion Cultrual Centre, South Australia

2006 Archibald Prize entrant, painting and digital ticker tape, Maxine McKew, ABC broadcaster, columnist, politician

2008 Archibald prize entrant, self portrait,"We nd 2 tlk"

2008 ' I Dreamt We Had Something To Say' exhibition, Canberra Museum and Gallery, ACT

2009 ''', exhibition, PhotoAccess, Manuka, ACT

2009 8th International Symposium on Display Holography, Shenzhen, China

2011 SASA Friends, Adelaide Festival Theatre, South Australia

2011 Garden Of Light, 175 Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2012 Hololujah & other holograms, Gallery M, Marion Cultural Centre, South Australia

2012 ' Hololujah', metre square test frame, 9th International Symposium on Display Holography, MIT, Boston, USA


1984 'Models & Martyrs', 150x100cm in-line laser, Adelaide , Australia

1985 'Sanctuary' 150x100cm in-line achromatic, 'Square Rainbows', 300x100cm in-line rainbow, Adelaide, Australia

1986 'Jindalee' 30x20cm rainbow and reflection (commission for Prime MInister), Canberra, Australia

1987 'Father and Son' 50x20cm pulse portraits (12), London, UK

1988 'Blades' 85x85cm rainbow, 'Father and Son' 40x30cm rainbow, Glasgow, Scotland

1994 '36 Views of the Holographic Self', pulse laser and envelopes, Tokyo, Japan

1995 'Uncertainty Principle', 30x20cm reflections, Easter Island, Chile

2000 'Hyundai Sapien', 30x20cm reflection and print, Seoul, South Korea

2002 'St. Valentine's Day Gambit',30x20cm reflection, photographs and chessboard 200x200cm, Havana Cuba

2002 'Acapulco Sun', rainbow and photographs, Acapulco, Mexico

2005 'Black Money, White Money', 40x30cm reflections and prints, Moscow, Russia

2006 'RT', 40x30cm reflection, Moscow, Russia

2007 'I Dreamt We Had Something To Say', 900x35cm pulse laser, New York, USA

2007 'We nd 2 tlk' and 'The Gamer' each 100x100cm animated stereograms, Burlington, USA

2008 ...but it all seemed so real 100x30cm laser, London, Canberra

2009 Serial Bloggers 100x100cm acrylic with three 24x18cm full colour digital holograms, Canberra

2009 On-line Shopping ( book for a thin gun) 29x21cm book with reflection hologram insert, Canberra

2009 Dr, David Warren 18x14cm full colour digital hologram, Canberra

2009 Nice Man 60x60cm acrylic sheet with text and an 18x14cm full colour digital hologram with video effects, Canberra

2012 Hololujah one kilometre x 3.5cm: (artsACT grant) A good hologram to make my last.

No more holography.

Leaving Australia in early 2017 to live permanently in France where I will be concentrating on writing and my music.