easter is

Uncertainty Principle

22x28cm, reflection holograms, Easter Island, Chile 1994

Theme: In this artwork the riddle of the maoi statues and their production is exploited by suggesting that each of us might answer this puzzle through a time honoured system of 'pick an answer between A-D'. Did beings from another world or dimension build them? Did the craftsmen use advanced tools? Did the gods assist? The holograms offer solutions, but like their illusionary nature, give no guarantee to the reality. The holograms were distributed around Easter Island and left next to various statues. This conceptual work was photographically documented.

easte is and me

Heading off with my trusty box of Agfa holograms to place more of them around the maoi statues. That sun had a hell of a sting but made for bright holograms.

move it

'Now if I can just tilt this back a few centimetres then the sun will be hitting the hologram perfectly.'

maoi 1

maoi 2

maoi 3

easter 59

if I see

'Can we go home now? People are starting to stare at my swimming bathers.'

2 long

Some people hang around these maoi statues for too long.