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photo by Dr. John Perry, HoloNorth

The Gamer

100x100cm, LED animated stereogram hologram, made at Holographics North, Burlington, Vermont, USA, 2007

Theme: This follows my current preoccupation with personal technologies and the way people respond to or are seduced by them. In this instance it is the worldwide phenomena of the gamer and the way the gaming industry now rivals the Hollywood studio block busters in terms of financial rewards and release fanfair. Interestingly women are now becoming 'hooked', though more through role playing in cyber fantasy worlds. Even leading fashion brand names are clammering to buy shop space with real money in these cyber worlds; the virtual is fast become the reality and the typical gamer is at the forefront of this revolution. For the gamer, real world things such as family, friends, in fact anything in the known universe, has the potential to become distractions; irritations in the face of 'The Game'. As the viewer walks from left to right in front of the hologram they see an enthusiastic Gamer wrestling with the console and who ignores all until he proclaims (as the text appears), "I am da-a-a-ngerous!" Ultimately the question might be asked, who is he da-a-a-angerous to?