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1 kilometre x 3.5cm, white light achromatic transmission hologram, 2011-12

The making of this hologram was supported by a 2009 visual arts grant from artsACT, Canberra, Australia

The imagery of this hologram is text and its theme is the social networking site Twitter and the new influence of such tweet companies as Adly (USA) that pay celebrities (like Charlie Sheen; $M5-7) for the opportunity to write their tweets (the way perfume companies pay celebrities to lend their name to their products). Because of the way this hologram was made it exhibits a shadow of the text at the film plane while the holographic text projects approximately one and a half centimetres in front. The duality of this text has its bases in the idea that all text originates firstly as a thought and is then reflected as written text on Twitter.

hololujah opening

Hololujah exhibition opening at Gallery M, February 10, 2012

Click here to listen to my interview about Hololujah on the Uni SA breakfast radio on 11 February.

9th ISDH, 25-29 June, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Abstract outline accepted to attend 9th International Symposium on Display Holography, 25-29 June, 2012 at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA to deliver my paper, 'Hololujah, a one kilometre art hologram'. This paper will outline the technical specifications used to make this hologram and discuss the aesthetics and ideas behind its theme of Twitter and show images of the way it encouraged interactivity when exhibited.

Click here for details about the 9th ISDH to be held at MIT.