hyundai sapien

Hyundai Sapien

30x20cm, double exposure reflection hologram, Seoul, South Korea, 1999

Theme: In South Korea the giant multinational conglomerates such as Hyundai, Samsung and LG dominate all facets of life; they produce cars (over 95% of the population buy Korean cars), apartments, department stores, railway lines, which terminate at the ground floor of their stores, appliances, computer chips, Engineering and Construction, amusement parks, Hotel chains, etc, etc. In the past people have been extremely loyal whereby there appeared to be a heirarchy of support that seemed to reflect the idea that to support all things South Korean was to support ones life; this is changing because of economic fluctuations, scandals within the conglomerates, environmental disasters and a changing wave of awareness of the the need to not blindly follow where the multinationals wander.