models & martyrs

Models & Martyrs

150x100cm laser hologram, Australia, 1984

Theme: Shop window mannequins are the generic representations of the public and as such are as real as the holographic imagery displayed in a similar manner. There are six smaller holograms attached to the main hologram representing spaces within spaces as also exists in retail store windows. Finally, the holographic plate itself is a window into a world that is no more real than that in the shop fronts.

m&mset up

The holographic plate, being 150x100cm, was ultimately laid flat on the table with the mannequins surrounding it from above. This was done for the practical reason that the isolation table was not big enough to contain the plate, a holder and all the objects; it was more efficient to build upwards. The argon laser was on a trolley outside the laboratory and a hole was drilled through the wall for the beam to access the optics inside. A frame was constructed on the table to support the mannequins and the single spatial filter/lens high above that gave a satisfactory beam spread downwards. In the picture you can see the white area where the mannequins were placed and the darker gray area inside where the plate was laid. (This is more clearly seen in the Sanctuary set-up photo where the plate was similarly placed during exposure.) Some of the mannequins were placed on the plate just prior to exposure which resulted in clear areas where there was no imagery. This was intentional to avoid any notion that I was using holography primarily for its image realism and that the recording of objects was an end in itself.'


The 'storeroom' was under the isolation table; saw, bedding, coffee maker, magazines, spare lasers, biscuits, alarm clock and numerous notes to remind me to do something that was probably very important at one time.

blu tac

"I know the blu tac is in here somewhere."

All holographers the world over know these stories; I just need a piece of wood or metal just a bit higher/lower. What happened to that black cardboard? Was the distance between the beam splitter and object 89 cm or 79cm? Okay, let's measure it for the tenth time. Does anyone know what day it is?

m & m hologram unlit

Models & Martyrs unlit where the clear areas of the holographic plate can be seen. Note the other six smaller holograms which created spaces within the primary 3D space. The look on my face is one of: "Gee, is this all I have to show for the last year of my life?"