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August 2017

Murder At Heaven's Gate

heaven's gate

The Road To Heaven's Gate

Death On The Balcony

The Missing Motive

Where's The Butler

The Luxury Of Innocence

Blood On The Handle

Cradle Of Lies

One Too Many Clues

Suspicious Alibi

Mrs Purdies Cat

A Shot In The Dark

The Evidence



July 2017

Dan Dare, Pilot Of The Future

dan dare

Visions Of The Mekon

Rogues On Board

Three Cheers For Digby


The Treens Are Coming

Plan B

A Charmed Life

Love On The Fault Line

Dan Dare, Pilot Of The Furure

Jeep Jet

Venusion Dawn

Do Do Bop...Yeah!


May 2017

The Art Of Electric Yellow

electric yellow cd

Big Ticket Blues

The Art Of Electric Yellow

Do Do Bop...Yeah!

Ode To A Screaming Guitar

The Alchemist And The Unicorn


Monks In The Alley

Socrates On A Good Day

Selling Gravity

The Ballad Of A Lazy Gun

In The Mix

Black Mace Boogie

Vintage And Vine

Voyager2, Space Guitar


October 2016

Something's Got 2 Give


Night Swells

Hotrod Streaming

Suckers On A Leash

Something's Got 2 Give



Extended Highway

Boulevard St Germain

Cezanne On The Terrace

Baby On Suspicion

Net (Opus 337)

Gone Phishing


July, 2016

What Makes A Robot Cry?

robots cover


make mine pink

sirens in the waiting room


sooner or later

when lazarus came knocking

celsius man

the ballad of a lazy gun

a heart in panic

agent zombie

socrates on a good day


stand down

vintage and vine

what makes a robot cry?

make mine pink

Samples from Symphony Z (work in progress)

Zig-Zag Sonata

Nocturne in Z Major

When Zero Turns To One


October, 2014


perimeter cd cover


second time around

4am, beggars highway

change of heart


like that



selling gravity

swing time (feat. catherine lambert)

tickity tock

the red forest

the alchemist and the unicorn


June, 2014

Silence Amplified

silence amplified

big ticket blues

celluloid lover

misfits in the tower

rank and file



can only wait so long

watch the monkey run


table 41

preservation (it's spa time)

career girl

changing lanes

lost love

September, 2013


exit covers

royal flush 2.56

exit 5.07

monks in the alley 4.13

ode to a screaming guitar 3.25

pandemonium 2.58

when the hammer falls 3.35

trouble in tangiers 4.00

passing trains 4.48

nocturne, opus 22A 4.18

best intentions 3.08

when blue turns to grey 3.03

the crusader's leap 5.33

table 41 4.42

love cries the night 4.22

chiffon 2.16


April, 2013

The Somnambulist

somnambulist front

remember when


in the mix

rack it up

end of summer

a long time coming

on a day like this


love my dogs

deeper and deeper

here we go again

waving the flag


the somnambulist


May, 2012

The Last Great Lighthouse

l.ighthouse cover

the last great lighthouse



tophat and tails

waiting for a sign

stumble and fall

the mysterious mrs oglby

downtown diva


a bit more to the left

not quite flash gordon

orchney run



up up and away


March, 2012

Highland Voyager

voyager front cover

voyager back cover

the black watch
further than i can see
did i catch you in a mood?
northern lights    
holy loch
the longing (reggae exit)
scarpa flow
lovers retreat
stone of destiny
highland voyager
jivin' with the cat
it's my house, oh yeah   


January, 2011


strongman front cd

To listen, click on any of the mp3 tracks

To download, right click, select Save Target As, select a folder then Save


airborne front

                                             airborne back cover

click on each of the original mp3 song titles below to download and play

serenade to a big blue sky
  black mace 
if i could fly 
el greco on the balcony
anytime now
the elephant's drunk again (get up, get up)
so you wanna dance
quick guide to a bad feeling
the 5 10 shuffle
night whispers
looking at the in store
checking out

January, 2009: New double CD: EQUILIBRIUM

equi 1




         click on each of the original mp3 song titles below to download and play 
                  CD 1                    CD 2
                         1. dance hall days                                    14. the sun and the snow
                      2. gaudi's dream                  15. spike
                      3. and still the cold comes                        16. crazy sgt blitz
                      4. cafe le tragic                            17. burn
                      5. on our way to the moon                        18. original sin
                      6. fat man dreaming                      19. hearts on fire
                      7. havana nights                  20. trance 1, 2, 3
                      8. winged love                   21. empty corridors
                        9. whatever you say               22. arms in the cradle
                                10. holidays                                 23. i remember
                        11. angels going down                 24. symphonic roadworks
                                 12. monet in the back seat                         25. taxi ride
                       13. equilibrium                                    26. pilot to bombardier 

                           2007 CD: GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN


click on each of the original mp3 song titles below to download and play

1. runaway hearts

2. follow the dream

3. watching the grass grow

4. soft and sensual

5. sway

6. terminal babies

7. aurora

8. good evening, ladies and gentlemen

9. elspar

10. cafe rewind

11. dare to desire

12. the art of electric yellow

13. aeropama

14. biker beatbox

15. voyager 2 (space guitar in alpha centuri)