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Moving to live permanently in France, mid 2017

France Dec/Jan 2017

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Married, 16 January, 2016, Adelaide

wedding group photo

wedding 1

wedding 2wedding 6

wedding 30

wedding 40


wedding 3

wedding 4

Goodbye Walford girls (my Yr 11 Ceative Arts/Design)

walford girls

Paris, January 6, 2015: Engagement to Rebecca

Paris 1Paris 15


Paris 3Paris 2

Paris 4Paris 5

Paris 6Paris 7

Paris 8P23

P21Paris 10


Images and podcast link from the 9th ISDH, MIT 25-29 June, 2012

Jacques, me, Mary and Kaveh

Stereo images taken on my Fuji 3D W3


Anna and Melissa at the exhibition dinner, MIT Gallery


on-line Holoforum group


Kaveh, Mary and Andy


Paula Dawson and group


Hellenic Institute of Holography


Mark and Tran

d ratcliffe

another group


Martina and Co

Podcast link, (19 minutes):

Art Grant, 2009: ACT Arts Dept grant was awarded in November to produce the one kilometre hologram, 'Hololujah' in 2011/12. Details were outlined at the 8th International Symposium on Display Holography in Shenzhen, China, July, 2009.

galley m poster

Hololujah & other holograms flyer for the exhibition at Gallery M, Adelaide, Feb 10 - 4 Mar, 2012


Garden of Light, Gallery 175, Seoul, South Korea, 1 - 18 November, 2011

click here:


Click here for video link at holography@ning showing "I Dreamt..." seen at ISDH, China, 2009


Exhibition: "I Dreamt We Had Something To Say"

Canberra Museum and Gallery, ACT, Australia: 21 June-12 October, 2008


Except for one, (Black Money) these holograms are examples of my current preoccupation with exploring peoples use and interaction with personal technologies and virtual environments: mobile phones, pc/xbox gaming, FaceBook/YouTube, SecondLife, etc.

I Dreamt We Had Something To Say, (2007), 900x35cm, lit with 30x658nm@80mW diode lasers, transmission

Black Money, White Money, (2005) 120x70cm, halogen, white light reflection

...but it all seemed so real, (1986/2008) 100x35cm, lit with 532nm@150mW diode laser, transmission

IT is RT, (2006) 100x40cm, halogen, white light reflection

The Gamer, (2007) 100x100cm, animated stereogram, metal halide, white light transmission

We nd 2 tlk, (2007) 100x100cm animated stereogram, metal halide, white light transmission

outside gallery

Gallery 4

I dreamt

I Dreamt We Had Something To Say, Black Money, White Money in the background

I Dream

close up of I Dreamt...

but it

...but it all seemed so real

IT is RT

IT is RT, new version mounted on black acrylic

gamer 22

The Gamer from the pedestrian quadrangle


The Gamer

we nd

We nd 2 tlk, new version with fragmented text (like phone conversations) read from both sides of the hologram ( two way conversation)


Exhibition: ""

Photoaccess, Manuka Arts Centre, Canberra

2-19 April, 2009

Large scale holograms, computer generated holograms, analogue holograms (all for sale).

canberra times article

I dreamt

general Ph Access


Dr. David Warren, inventor of the black box flight recorder

Dr Warren

Through a series of events I am hoping to be in a position to donate to the National Portrait Gallery a large scale full colour digital hologram of the inventor of the black box flight recorder, Dr. David Warren; a man whom I admire immensely and who I feel had been neglected for far too long. Through his determination and foresight his invention is now responsible for helping make millions of daily travellers safer as they fly around the world. I also chose Dr. Warren not only because we share the same name but there proved to be many other coincidences; he was also a teacher, taught at a Grammar school, one of his sons shares the same birth date as me and I produced a hologram for the Weopons Research Establishment in South Australia with whom he was also associated for a time.

A series of HD video streams were recorded of Dr. Warren in Melbourne on 15 April. It is hoped to get funding to produce the 150x100cm multi-portrait hologram that will incorporate other images using video editing chroma key effects to insert photos and 3D/2D animations.

In the mean time a series of smaller digital holograms will be produced to test various effects and visual possibilities. These will be posted on this site soon.



"Call Me (1000 states of emergency) ", 20 metre x 2 metre holographic installation

Canberra International Airport, ACT, Australia

To be installed in the Canberra International Airport's new passenger terminal being built as part of the general upgrade of the airport. Due to the current world recession this building project has been put on hold but will be definately built, eventually. The installation will comprise of one thousand embossed holograms.


Road trip: "A Spin Around The Block"

A road trip on my BMW R1100RS motorcycle around Australia on Highway 1, 2010-11.

A 17,000km adventure being documented as a road trip and a series of holographic installations filmed in HD video. The final video cut will include original music and written up as a book with DVD for possible publication.

Route: Canberra (Not Highway 1) to Batemans Bay-Melbourne-boat to Devonport-Hobart (return)-Melbourne-Mt. Gambier-Adelaide-Port Augusta-Ceduna-Albany-Perth-Port Hedland-Broome-Darwin-Katherine-Mt. Isa-Townsville-Cairns (return)-Rockhampton-Brisbane-Sydney-Batemans Bay

biker 2 web bike


8th International Symposium on Display Holography (ISDH) , July, 2009

Shenzhen Waterlands Resort, China: photos

conference conference 2

         at the conference hall             John Bannon USA, Tim Lawson UK, me and Chakrapani Meka, Ireland 

shenzhen resort martina and co
Shenzhen Waterlands resort apartment complex. Martina Mrongovius Aust. Kaveh Bazargan UK, Mike Page Canada

sally w stas
        Kaveh UK, Sally Weber USA          Mike Bove USA, Melissa Crenshaw USA, Stas (Geola)Lithuania

juyong jonathan
           Juyong Lee Sth Korea            Mike, Kaveh, Rosetta Whitehead UK, Tim, Pearl John UK, Jonathan Ross UK

jeff martin jumbo r
      Jeff Blyth UK, Martin Richardson UK                      At the Jumbo Restaurant, Hong Kong       
                                               Back row:  me, Ya Ling Huang Taiwan, Pearl, David Pizzanelli UK, 
                                                          Kaveh, Rosetta, Tim, Joanna and Chen Ching Taiwan, Jeff
                                               Front row: Jonathan, Martin, John