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child's eye

Through A Child's Eye

Oil painting, 170x170cm, 2005, private collection. Based partly on a photo recorded in Madrid, 2004


jellyfish click on image to download and play video/music (7.7MB)

Ebb and Flow, 2.05 minutes mpeg video, original music, Nassau, Bahamas, 2004


painting 1

Gum (greenback) Store in Red Square

oil painting,100x60cm, 2006, private collection


st petersburg

St Petersburg, a day in the sun

oil painting, 215x25cm, 2006, private collection


paris leaf

Paris Leaf

pastels, 100x82cm, 1999, private collection



hoos y dady

acrylic, 150x50cm, 2006, private collection



txt me baby u no u wan2

acrylic, 150x50cm, 2006, private collection



chocol@ mmmm

acrylic, 100x100cm, 2006




toned silver print, 25x15cm, 1987


painting 3

Sue and Glen

oil painting, 100x120cm, 2006, private collection


paul davies 1

Paul Davies #1 (astro physicist, international author)

2005 Archibald Prize entrant, oil painting and DVD insert with image loop, 120x90cm


painting 2

Paul Davies #2

oil painting, 120x85cm, 2005, private collection



Maxine McKew (ABC broadcaster, columnist)

2006 Archibald Prize entrant, oil painting/digital ticker tape, 120x65cm, private collection



Self Portrait

2011 Archibalod prize entrant, acrylic and holographic foil on board, 150 x 100 cm, 2011

archie 2013

Self Portrait Archibald Prize entrant

2013 Archibald prize entrant, ArtRage painting App on iPad, 2013