IT is RT

40x30cm, reflection hologram, Moscow, Russia, 2006

Theme: An update on the famous photorealist painting "ART"; this time it has been simplified (inspired by the emerging mobile phone text language) to be pronounced and read as the same word, "RT". As the viewer walks from left to right the letters appear to read IT (holograms are the next generation computer hard drives)) then it becomes RT.

RT 1 RT 2

rt exh

2005, 'RT' exhibition; friend and artist Mia Bennett in the foreground who shared the exhibition. Its theme and inspiration was the new mobile text language.

The original hologram was broken and has been replaced and framed in a new setting and, with it, the title has been extended to include the IT reference.

rt 22

IT is RT the new version on black acrylic at Canberra Museum and Gallery, 21 June-12 October, 2008