st vals

St. Valentine's Day Gambit

200x200cm chess board with prints and 30x20cm reflection hologram, Havana, Cuba, 2002. (Lower two images are enlargements of a section of the main board: one image shows the generic holographic portrait representing the other graves of the Havana cemetary, the other image shows one of the black chess squares and illustrating a move by one of the graves and Capablanca's response.)

st 1 Capablanca's grave with a king chess piece atop.

Theme: A fictitious chess game between Cuban Jose Capablanca (three times world chess champion) and others buried at the cemetary in Havana. Images were taken on St. Valentine's Day, 2002, hence the title. The holographic face is a generic representation of the others buried there who were 'playing' against Capablanca.

Below are individual photographs which were converted into black and white copies (in keeping with the chess theme) and attached to the board with their chess moves.

st 8 st 15

Cuban revolutionaries
American Legion

st 3 st 2 st 16

Cuban Firebrigade Dept.
General Electric

st 18 st 12 st 6

Radio and TV Institute Carrillo Morales B. H. Ortiz

st 9 st 11

Castro Rosales

st 4 st 17 st 10

Daniel Domitila Ferrol Y Su Comarca (my birth year) checkmate (by Capablanca)