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m & m Models & Martyrs 1984

surface t Surface Tension 1984

sanctuary Sanctuary 1985

rainbow Square Rainbows 1985

pulse portrait Father and Son pulse series 1986

sonFather and Son 1987

thumb blades Blades 1988

36 36 Views of the Holographic Self 1994

easter Uncertainty Principle 1995

hsap Hyundai Sapien 1999

st val St. Valentine's Day Gambit 2002

depth Depth 2004

madrid Inside the Square 2004

b and w Black Money, White Money 2005

b w Black Money, White Money individual holograms

rt RT 2005

i dreamt I Dreamt We Had Something To Say 2007

we thumb We nd 2 tlk 2007

we 2 We nd 2 tlk individual animated frames

gamer The Gamer 2007

game The Gamer individual animated frames

but 1986/2008

serial bloggers s Serial Bloggers 2009

thin gun s On-line Shopping (book for a thin gun) 2009

Dr D W Dr. David Warren 2009

nice man thumb Nice Man 2009

hololujah thumbnail Hololujah 2011/12